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“I can’t really sit down and do an exam and write something,” he says. “I’ll try a song once or twice, then I’ll be back at my desk, and I’ll have to finish it all over the week.”

He doesn’t say when exactly he’ll do that. The answer, according to his wife, who also has two grown children, is “tomorrow.”

That’s when they’ll get kids, he says. Their grand kids. And the children of their friends.

On Sunday, May 17, the last day of the concert, he will perform his entire set in front of a packed house at the El Rey Theater on Grand Avenue. In the lobby is his daughter, Tanya, 10.

“You’ve got the most amazing wife, you know?” Tanya says. “And I love him very, very much.”

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MOSCOW (Reuters) – Two Russian television reporters and two employees of a news network have been accused of “sabotage” of a referendum on the introduction of a federalised Russia as well as interference in local politics and foreign policy in a move the Kremlin has described as a “staged” plot.

Tatars hold national flags during an anti-Russian rally in Istanbul, Turkey, October 4, 2015. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Lawyers representing the two reporters – Vladimir Mirovo and Alexei Ponomarev – told a court on Monday that they will appeal against the charges filed against them, the Interfax news agency reported.

A court in central Russia’s Tatarstan province last month rejected the case against both reporters, saying it lacked evidence and had made a legal error by deciding to exclude testimony from two witnesses.

The allegations against two journalists and a news channel have triggered a wave of anti-Moscow sentiment in the run-up to parliamentary elections next year and the presidential election in May 2018.

In May, President Vladimir Putin issued a decree allowing Russian television to broadcast freely to foreign stations, although it did not extend this beyond broadcasters in the former Soviet republics of Baltic and Central Asia.

It was the first decree to take effect since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Kremlin on Wednesday said in a statement that the Kremlin’s press and public administration organs have taken “all measures

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