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“I don’t think it changes as much as it does on other actors, who sometimes sing at an earlier age and at that age they become more vulnerable. I think it’s more like in the adult world: you sing at less of a level, but you’re able to sing at a louder level.”

Where is a typical set-up?

“When working with a vocal coach it starts with a talk about your expectations. What do you want out of the sessions? Are you going to sing at the same level or at a lower level, or are you going to go a different way? And then how many times do you want to do it?”

How long does your singing take?

“It varies and also depends on the individual. Someone like BeyoncĂ© takes ten years. People who have been performing for fifty years usually take four to five years but there are people, like [Queen] The 1975, who have never sung at all. They never had a professional set-up.”

Do you sing before a performance or do you rehearse?

“I have to do both. I do sing a lot before rehearsals because it really brings out the best in you. In fact, it’s like I work with two instruments because singing isn’t just singing; my other work is writing words, arranging vocals and working with the singers to create a performance.”

What is the best practice for singers who have started off as a soloist?

“It depends on who you are, and the singer you are, you know,” he laughs, before adding to add, “This goes for people like [Paul McCartney]. There are certain qualities and qualities of voice that can be identified at a certain ages.”

“I mean, in a way it’s like any profession, you want to give yourself credit and you want to be taken seriously. There is only so much you can do as a singer and in my particular case it is what I am doing now that makes me feel like it is what I should be doing – that is a personal thing but I don’t want to hold that against anyone else.”

Do you worry that you might not be as good when you’re an 80-year-old singer?

“I would want to be, in terms of my voice I think I am and I feel, if you want good voice you have to be living a long time.”

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