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The only thing keeping you from a year of singing, that is… I mean, do you know how many years it takes to become a good singer?

C: Do you know how long it takes to learn something as complicated as singing?

V: Oh, for sure.

C: I mean, like I’m singing the songs of my life, but you know…

V: Like you just keep singing?

C: Well, I’m not a good singer yet, but like you said, you take it slowly for the first seven years. So, yeah, I guess it’s hard to go from “Well you should know this”, to singing like that. I’m gonna keep trying though. I’ll be okay.

V: Are you going to audition soon?

C: Yeah, definitely, I’m… I’m just gonna keep working with everything that I work on. Just keep working. I mean, I know it was a rough year for anyone who saw it, and it was…

V: You were sad about it?

C: Yeah. I think it was a difficult situation, and it was hard for everyone. But now I’m happy that I’m here and that I’m working with what I’ve gotten good at, and I hope that that’s going to help me in the future.

V: It sure did. And you know you do have things like “Waves” coming up now…

C: It’s a new record?

V: Yeah, it’s coming out soon. What else in your life are you working on right now?

C: Well then… I’ve been learning how to read scripts right now, and that’s kind of weird.

V: It’s definitely a cool thing that you’ve got now.

C: Yeah, it’s very cool what I have come in and… I hope so. I try not to put too much too into the writing of the writing that I do, but… I guess that should… Oh, I should do…

V: Do you write a whole script on a page?

C: Yeah, like that.

V: Yeah, but you always end up finding something else on there.

C: Yeah, yeah, I’ve had a couple of scripts that were kind of good, but yeah, I think I should try.

V: Do you ever stop and just

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