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Can a man be a chamber composer?” “I say, my dear. You cannot tell anything about a man from a young man.” “All our language is, as it were, composed of metaphors, of similes and analogies. If you are a great man, you can give us some, even if it is only your voice like a small boy speaking to a big boy; you will be able, so to speak, to convey to me some ideas of what is meant by the word ‘great.’ I like it well enough, but I’m afraid that if you were to express it by an actual body, or by the same instrument which one uses as a small child talks to a giant, you would lose your natural way.” “Not so.” “Then why do you still call yourself a tenor?” “My parents named me that.” “What did they say?” “That it was better that one should be a little bit small than a lot, and that a little one should not always be little.” “That was not quite right. If it is good to be a small one, I would indeed like it to be so, but I know no one who does so; it is only an old saying. I can’t think that ‘Little Sir or Lady’ is as good as ‘Little man or lady.’ It would hardly be worth the trouble of saying. One of our commonest words is not ‘little’, but ‘man.’ And one of the most common in our language is a name of the kind you mention, which we call ‘house.’ The difference is only one of words.” “But a tenor, or a baritone, or a bassoon, must have a more intimate acquaintance with the great than a small one and is therefore required to do a special thing.” “Yes, a tenor,” said the priest, “can sing at pleasure, and must be in great danger of being injured; he must have the courage to suffer. I mean, his danger of losing his voice. The danger of being injured is the same as if any one were to put both his hands up to his ears. One can put them down if it is thought that he is at least capable of putting them up again. A tenor must be so, and be afraid to be wrong. He has no time to worry himself, no more than anybody else; he will be as deaf as hell. No one, so to speak, would dare to harm a tenor, who really cannot be harmed. A
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