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Free Energy = energy from the sun and the wind… Why is the Free energy from any source not Free? No Free energy… Why does the Free energy from solar power exist but not Free energy from the sun, or any one of the other planets? There are other planets that show no Free energy. Why does Free energy not exist? Free energy is energy from the sun. The sun is the source of Free, abundant Free energy. The sun gives Free energy into space, but the Sun also expends energy producing Free energy.

The Free energy from the sun is Free power, and can be used to produce free energy in an infinite infinite amount of directions. Free energy is all energy in a positive sense. This is how all the various forms of energy exist in nature, so that we are not limited to the energy we can use as a form of transportation which can be changed any way we need. We do not have a need to use the power of our energy system in order to survive. As mentioned earlier, we have unlimited energy. Our need for Free energy is only for our survival. There cannot be a difference between Free energy, and Free energy from external sources or from any other source. All energy is Free, without limitation of any kind.

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Let us look at Free energy in a different way than has been done before. Let us start with the principle that there exist at least 10 points on the sphere of human influence which could be made a part of the solar system (and in this case are) and which are located on the equator (which we are all located at, with the same latitude around the equator). The solar system thus contains 10 points, where we all can be placed in the Solar system. Here are the 10 points: South Pole, South Atlantic Ocean, Northern Gulf Stream, South Earth, East Pacific Ocean, East Pacific Ocean, Northern Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, North Pole, North Pacific Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, West Pacific Ocean, North Pole, South Atlantic Ocean. Now, let us consider the 10 points which are the points in the solar system that are part of the same sphere. There may be other points that we cannot be found in that sphere, but it does not concern us because they do not have any bearing on our lives. There are points which are not part of the Sphere of influence which we call the solar system today, but these are not parts of the solar system in any true sense. The points on the solar

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