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Or did he build up in someone else’s lab, only to lose it all in the end?

That’s the idea of the movie, based on a book by Bill Nye, “Bill Nye Saves the World”—and the film stars Ed Helms, a real scientist, and Mark Mothersbaugh.

“No one has ever shown the process where a scientist comes into possession of something that someone had made in a lab, had no knowledge of, and then he says ‘let’s make a bomb,'” says Helms in a scene of the film.

Helms’ character, John, is the key scientist in the film. They first meet in a small office, and he explains that his lab has just been shut down.

“The other problem is that he’s been working on it on his own all his life,” says Motherbaugh, playing the scientist’s husband; the husband is Dr. Helms’. “So he never went home and told his wife. And no one in that lab has ever come to them and said ‘hey we have these problems. I have the recipe for a bomb, and I have to use it to create free energy.’ ”

The film ends with the family members meeting in the lab, and Dr. John explaining that he came in possession of nuclear explosives, but just not what he used them for.

“Instead he put them in his pocket. That’s his nuclear arsenal. He’s the greatest hero, absolutely,” says the actress.
(PDF) A Free Energy Principle for Biological Systems

Helms admits that he didn’t think much about “Bill Nye – Saves the World” when it was first written, but that his wife, Dr. Carol Helms says the book had a huge impact on her husband who he started going to for therapy, after having seen it on TV.

“He just really wanted to do something with it because he knew it was such a big part of his life,” she said. “And [there is a] big message in the movie about how that process is not over, that we can actually use this to create a sustainable society, to create our future.”

After the film’s release, Helms started working on a documentary of his own, called “Free Energy – The Truth about Nuclear Explosions,” that he hopes to release sometime in 2013.

The DVD is expected to hit theaters on Dec. 8, 2013.

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