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A free energy device is a device that has the ability to produce power from the electromagnetic field around it, and is not produced at the point of collection, such as solar panels or wind turbines. This system must be small enough to be carried by a person, and can use the same power source as the local grid. This way it does not depend on large, long distance power transmission lines, which can require lots of space and expensive infrastructure. Some applications use electromagnetic field collectors called free energy generators, but only for small portable devices with no other devices in the vicinity.

How does it work?

Free energy is generated from the energy produced in the electromagnetic field around the device. The process is very similar to that of natural gas and other hydrocarbon fuels. The amount of energy is proportional to the applied frequency used, which varies from 5mW (microwave) to 90kW (ultraviolet).
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How much energy does a device need and how can it be produced?

The power generated in an electromagnetic field increases with increasing field strength, and can be stored as voltage which can be easily used without needing to be replenished. An ideal device would be made from material so that it would not lose any power or voltage; however it is not easy to make such devices. The best way to store energy is by converting it into heat – but there are some problems here too. Heat can be stored as a vapor, as in the case of water cooling systems, but the temperature must remain the same. The same goes for magnetic field energy. While this does cause some practical problems such as heat storage, the only way to store magnetic field energy is with superconductors – materials which do not lose or lose large amounts of energy. Superconductors may be made from any number of different materials, but only the materials with the ability to lose energy and retain it may be used.

Where do these devices come from?

Some research into this area is led by Dr Tom Beane, who has spent the last decade conducting research at Sheffield University. Currently, there are a number of groups working on free energy devices:

• In China an institute named “Xingtao” produces free energy devices to store solar energy. The Xingtao research group was previously based at Ruminant Research in Zhejiang, China, but became an independent research group in 2009. Xingtao produces devices about a meter in size and uses laser technology for making them small.

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