Is free energy possible Tesla?

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A: Well, free energy is impossible. No matter how hard you try, you will not make it. A person can not be free. A human being can not, because it is a physical body. They cannot be in a space that is not their own. Their mind cannot exist there. But we have created man on this planet. He lives a very, very, very comfortable life on the surface, and he does not know that he lives a very, very, very comfortable life.

Question: How does that compare to the way that nature actually is? Does it actually exist in a vacuum? Is there a vacuum there, or do a lot of other things exist which are outside of and outside of that?

A: They exist. There are many, many, many, many things that exist outside the vacuum. We can’t see them, however, we can touch them, and when we touch them, that means this energy, this matter has moved. It doesn’t have to be vacuum space. It does have to have a space. And this energy is that which creates that. That energy is the vacuum, and a person can’t be free if they don’t understand that.

Question: Would you agree with a certain person on this subject, Dr. Fermi, and that the reason for his death is probably because his energy was not enough. Does that make sense? How about the famous physicist Paul Dirac? He died in his 80s, he was only 80 years old. He was only 80 years old? What do you say to that? Is that a case of a man reaching his natural age, and this was his natural age, his health?

A: Paul Dirac, yes. Yes, it’s a case of this being his natural age, that it means that this energy is the cause of his death.

Question: But that energy was always available around him, and he was always in contact with this energy. The physicist, he was always in contact with this energy, right? It was always available?

A: Yes, yes. He was always in contact with this energy.

Question: The reason for his death is he was physically dead.

A: Yes.

Question: Why did he die?

A: He died of cancer. The cancer caused him to die. No, not the energy, but he died of a cancer. One cannot die of cancer, it should not be