Is free energy possible Tesla? – Spontaneous Gibbs Free Energy Equation Explanation Synonym

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[13:11:21] (not the one from The Matrix but a much better film by the way.) [13:11:45] (The first movie does use that as its template, but it was a good movie.) [13:11:46] And the energy is not free [13:12:06] XavierMendel: yes. But the concept is very close. [13:12:07] (It’s a very complex topic, but the concept is similar.) [13:12:20] (I’m not sure, though. I’m not a scientist.) [13:12:23] But yeah, it’s a hard thing to nail down, I think. [13:12:32] It’s actually a very interesting one. Not just “It’s free energy” that is. [13:12:36] So it’s really not free (at least not in the sense of the first movie’s free energy). [13:12:41] No, no, there are some good examples. But there was also a movie with a more complex theory in it (a much better movie by the way), so I can’t really say it’s close. [13:13:29] XavierMendel: we haven’t really gotten to a good idea on that, the energy isn’t free from some point of view [13:13:47] And some science writers and physicists are skeptical of the concept… (and a couple of other people too, I think) [13:13:55] There are others who think it is definitely not free energy. It’s very possible that the concepts are similar, but for some reason it was a short film. [13:14:05] And it would be cool if all the writers and scientists were on the same page and came up with some solid stuff on the free energy subject. [13:14:09] For example, the energy is still present in a blackbody system after it has been heated. We’re still using some of the energy when we heat up

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