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If you take an electrical break, the system should automatically restart itself after a few seconds. Otherwise, you are in trouble.

To shut down your electricity, you need to take a few steps.

Step 1: Check the service panel to see if you have a power disconnect: power cord, plug, or fuse.

Step 2: Remove the battery or plug from your breaker panel by pulling or pushing on the wire that carries electricity to the panel. Pull the wire until it comes out the other side.

Step 3: Remove your breaker panel, if the power switch is still powered: Turn the power circuit breaker on. Turn the breaker off, or if an emergency is present, leave it on all night.

Step 4: Disconnect from your breaker or power outlet, if you’ve disconnected a power outlet before.

Step 5: Try to restart the appliance you’ve closed off because it’s in the process of shutting down. If the appliance doesn’t start, try to replace the battery.

Step 6: If you have a transformer, pull it out and open the power switch to the power receptacle on the transformer’s power circuit. Turn the power off and reconnect the power to the breaker. It may take a few tries to do this at a household level.

Step 7: Turn off all devices that you’ve closed off.

Step 8: Turn on all devices that you’ve connected to one or more appliances. For example, if you’re switching on a heater that is powering another appliance, turn off the heating appliance and power up the other power appliance. When that’s done, turn on the appliance that is powering the heating appliance and power up the other appliance.

Step 9: Check your system to ensure that your appliances have been switched off. To check, plug your appliances into a standard socket on your home and try to restart the appliances.

To restore an appliance, use the standard device on the appliance’s power circuit. That device includes the power switch.

Powering up a light bulb with a hand-held fuse or a breaker, as you might do with a television, is safe for a few minutes, but does little good for your appliances or for the utility system.

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