How can I generate electricity at home for free?

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You can buy solar panels and install them on buildings to generate electricity. We recommend the solar panels (which will cost you around $200) because they are easy to install, can be very efficient, and will last. If you want to purchase solar panels for your home, it’s actually pretty simple.

What kind of electricity do you use?

We use approximately 1 kilowatt-hour per year.

What electricity do you use at night?

There is a small amount that goes out at night and that is used for the “heat-sink” on the roof of our house. There’s no electricity involved with that.

Can I build my own?

We’ve done that a few to many times. You can check out the build-your-own solar panel kit at If you would like a set of solar panels that you could install yourself (even though it is free), we’re happy to send a kit to your house.

Can I build my own roof on my own land?

Yes. You can use our instructions to cut your own roof.

What can I do with my solar power?

Solar power can be used for the following:

Using it to light up a new space in your home, for example a fireplace, patio or outdoor lighting.

Using electricity to charge up car batteries, or charge up your laptop.

Incentivizing people to use solar power, for example by setting up an auction for people to rent a solar-powered garage.

Saving solar panels in the backyard after an emergency.

How can I make my own solar-power systems?

If you’d like to make your own solar-power systems, it’s pretty simple. Follow our instructions, watch our video of installing solar panels on our roof and learn more about how to save for solar power and learn how to build a solar-power system yourself.

I’ve just bought a solar-panel kit. Where do I go to buy solar-panel kits?

We have a large selection of solar panels for sale. We’ve also found that buying solar panels from the store can be quite expensive. See our guide to solar-panel prices for an explanation of why we recommend buying solar panels from

I purchased a solar panel at the store and didn’t like it. What’s the deal?

First we recommend