How can I generate electricity at home for free? – Concept Of Free Energy In Biochemistry Pdf

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There is no technical fix for this yet but we can generate small amounts of electricity for free. What you need are:

Two solar panels, one near the central room at least 400 sq. ft, and the other in an area of 600 sq. ft

A small battery pack (or powerbank/plug-in) with at least a 100 – 200 watt power output, at least 5-10 cycles of charge / discharge. In order for it to work you need a powerbank as well as the solar power.

The battery pack should be at least 30 years old and the solar panels should be of high quality, if not the very best

You should also have access to an old, well-ventilated, well-insulated roof space, or the possibility of putting off the heater to the side of the building and having your PV system and batteries generate heat, but this is not mandatory.

The power from the solar panels is not sufficient to run the household, it is sufficient for powering an office or two but it cannot power the home.

What is the best way to store my excess heat?

Some people have found great success with putting some plastic bags in a water container and putting a piece of electrical tape over the top of the bag. This is actually very effective. It keeps the heat in for a very long time. We use this technique occasionally. Many other people do not find this effective.

Our family’s house is built well, and the basement has a lot of space to store our thermal energy. But if we were to put this in a sealed-down cupboard (some have done this successfully) it would take a LOT of space inside their house! The same would be true of a very small garage or shed.

This means that we run the risk of storing energy in a cold place until we run out, and so this is not a practical way to store heat.

How do I heat a cold house?

If the temperature dips below 0 °C or above 30 °F, heat your house with a gas or boiler, then heat it once with the electric heat pumps. If the temperature drops below 0 °C again, then use the heating system to heat it back up.

If the house has a hot water system (which we do), use a water bottle with the switch on the top and run cold water over it to make the house warmer.

We often use a heating pad on

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