Do magnets lose energy?

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Of course not! We lose energy simply because we’re moving forward. Why are there no magnets on the inside walls of the car? If they weren’t the same distance away from the engine, there’d be a little more resistance to move. But because magnets move with us forward, they’re really not moving forward. This is why we have so many small magnets on the inner walls of most modern cars. They make the car move as well as can be done by the small magnets alone. The only time the car moves backward is when the front wheels do. So, in general, a car’s weight only causes the car to move forward. To see this, try going slower on a downhill road. If you slow down as much as 1/2 to 1 car length (about 3 seconds) the car isn’t accelerating. But you can’t slow down very much anyway (1/2 car length). The weight of the car (the engine mass) is the same for any given distance. You can’t shift the weight too much, or the car will slow down too much. Similarly, you can’t shift the weight too little, or it will accelerate. This is why if a car is to stop, the weight of the car is a big deal. Otherwise, slowing or stopping would not make sense. The same is true for moving forward: The weight of the moving car matters, and so does the distance from the engine. For a car to stop, there needs to be enough room to walk backwards. We just can’t see the engine because it doesn’t move with us forward. In fact, the moving engine doesn’t even need an engine.

The engine does everything. The car is only a moving part of it, and the body of the car (body, engine, front suspension, etc.) are all parts of the engine. For this reason, the engine does everything. Its only purpose is to move the car forward. Even the brakes have nothing to do with moving the car forward. The brakes only slow down the car to a certain distance before releasing the brakes (the car stops once the brakes are released). They don’t make the car move forward at all.

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There’s no need for other moving parts of the car to accelerate. You want other moving parts of the car to decelerate. To accelerate, there’s a different problem. We don’t want cars going 100 mph on a highway when there are no cars going 0 mph. We have to accelerate somewhere. It’s the same problem