Do free energy generators work? – Advantages Of Free Energy Generator

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It’s generally accepted that these devices are not efficient. So what gives?

They claim that the reason they do not work is because of an electrostatic phenomenon they call ‘cancelance’ or ‘resonance’.

The reason this is true is that, unlike normal electrical motors and generators, these ‘free’ energy generators have no moving parts. They are made to rely solely on a power supply made from electrons, known as ‘free energy’.

This means the energy that is generated is stored in a fixed amount of stored electricity that is then released when the energy-generator is switched on.

In the case of a free-energy generator, this means there is a potential to dissipate energy more quickly than if there were an operating motor. The more electricity that is produced, the less energy will be ‘cancellated’, which means it is dissipated and the potential to dissipate energy is increased.

So energy generated by a free-energy generator is not dissipated as quickly or efficiently as those generated by conventional electric motors or generators. This is in line with a general principle known as ‘vacuum energy’.

But is this free energy generator actually able to work at all.

Not really

The device itself does not actually produce any electricity. But that doesn’t mean it does not work. It has a certain ‘memory’ that has a capacity to absorb energy, and that energy is stored as energy stored in the device.

The problem is that the energy storage capacity is limited as a function of the frequency and current applied by the free-energy generator. Essentially, the more current you apply, the less charge your free-energy generator will store. And the more current you apply, the less charge your generator will hold.

In the case at hand, the amount of charge stored by this machine is much less than the actual capacity. Consequently, there is not a real effect from applying a high current (such as a transformer).
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If you do use a free-energy generator in a room for any stretch of time, you will get very little usable electricity.

As well as this, since these devices use electrons, they are also quite hot. To achieve anything more than a 10 percent energy recovery in any one year from conventional electric-generators, you are really talking about burning a lot of calories each day.

To try and overcome this problem, these devices have been designed to be powered from wind

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