Did Tesla get free energy? – Active Inference For Dummies

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Tesla had no financial relationship with the US government before 2009, and did not receive the subsidy. In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO was asked (emphasis added):

How did you get them?” he said. “I made a commitment to Elon Musk and he has to fulfill it. And he committed to give us the money.” “If we weren’t getting those payments, I would probably be out of the company. I would have probably gone bankrupt. It was the right thing to do for the country.”

In contrast to the government, the Tesla Motors and Musk had an exclusive distribution agreement at first. But with Tesla’s production ramp-up, Tesla’s CEO told the Associated Press (emphasis added) that, “It was really the government’s decision, no, we didn’t get free energy.” As Tesla ramps up their production and sales rate, they should take advantage of this free energy subsidy and make the necessary investments that will further accelerate production and increase revenue, allowing them to expand market share.

We do not have free energy; instead we are being provided with energy in the form of free money for not doing anything that is illegal. The government is providing us with energy not from the sun and through the power of electrons, but by paying us to drive vehicles on the roads. This is a money grabbing scheme that not only violates the U.S. Constitution, but also, violates all the social contract laws established by Congress to encourage and insure this free energy program. It’s time for America’s free energy program to end, because it is immoral.

Chapter 13 : Principles of Bioenergetics
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