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In the 1990’s, the answer to this question inspired another. The famous artist and inventor Michael Faraday was in the midst of developing a new design of a small magnet that would be a perfect match for a light bulb. He had made a small magnet into a tiny lightbulb prototype and was looking for a way to power it. He decided on a solution of magnetic flux. That was a huge advancement because for the first time, people had learned for the first time that such a device could work. It’s known as an electromagnet, it acts like a magnetic field and there are many kinds of electromagnets.

It was very exciting time. We all had hope that if we made a good magnet, it could power a lightbulb. But, when, in the end, Michael Faraday didn’t have enough information about his new invention, he never got the results he wanted and the concept of a small lightbulb powered by an electromagnet was never born, as we now know. But to his surprise, he didn’t abandon the idea of a small lightbulb powered by a magnet!

Michael Faraday was a brilliant inventor and a brilliant man. His genius will be forever remembered.

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So, a few years ago when I got to his house, I went around the room and started to draw my own magnet to power the lightbulb. I drew this one, “The magnet, its magnetism, its magnetism.”

In the end, I decided that I couldn’t draw enough of this picture to actually make a complete image with a magnet to power a lightbulb, and so it was just a drawing. I didn’t even understand the point of the story when I was drawing that picture and I felt it was a kind of joke. The idea that we had invented something that we could be a little bit proud of.

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