Who is the boss of a movie?

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Is it a studio, a broadcaster, or someone from the government? In France, the answer usually has to be the government. That is the case with a new film, Loosely Informed (Série 2/2), starring Mouné. She plays a young French woman who is kidnapped by a gang who then takes her to a remote village from where her daughter is kidnapped and killed. They then make her drink a drink of water, but this only turns her a bit crazed and she manages to escape. That is, until she meets a girl, who tells her that if she makes the water a little stronger, she will be able to see what really happened, and also give her “the power to see what I wanted (to see), but could not have seen, in the movie” (French, not understandable to me). Loosely Informed does not end up being very well made, as the film has about ten minute of scenes that are uninteresting, and in general there just aren’t that many interesting things going on. However, given that this movie isn’t really that bad, we still must give them the thumbs up; that’s how good they really are. If this movie had more interesting ideas, it is better than Loosely Informed. The other movie that has received two thumbs up is A Dangerous Woman (Série 8/9), about a woman who is captured by a gang of bandits. The story, however, starts to fall apart at the end, and it feels like the same story without the twists.
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The only movie of this list that didn’t receive anywhere near my two thumbs up was The Girl On The Train (Série 0), a story about the young woman who is kidnapped in New York by an old man who has decided to make her train journey by herself. We also learn that the old man thinks she is the reincarnation of one of his ancestors (he actually does believe this) – so this is not a good introduction for anyone. And it is even worse that the movie starts to fall apart around the end, and this will probably be the last one.
What are some good movies for newcomers? The answer to that will probably vary from person to person, and I am no expert, but from my own two minutes of research, I have noticed that some good movies for beginners are The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Giver, and The Tree of Life. Not an Oscar-winning film, though, but all three