Who is the boss of a movie?

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Do you know? Do you even care? That, by its very definition, is a very stupid question. It is completely irrelevant. In fact, there are plenty of movies like that.

The problem with the question is that it assumes that a writer cares about the character of the character of the character and cares about the relationship they are having with the audience. As if we are all sitting around a table and there is no room for a conversation, you must first make a decision; a gut one. As many as you can.

I think that’s why some of the movie industry’s better-known producers of new movies, like Steve McQueen and Kevin Smith, get away with not really giving a fuck. The movies have nothing to do with their jobs. The only relationship they have with the audience is if they can make a buck.

What else can we ask of films? Have we as a society been so ignorant in how to talk about films? What else should we ask movie people?

The question of whether I care about my screenplay has no bearing on whether this man in his 40s has a girlfriend. If he was a good storyteller and not just a man of good cheer, would I care? Is it that important of a question?

At least in my case, I care about a lot beyond that question. I care about the plot. I care about the characters. I care about the way they move through the story in a realistic fashion. I care about the narrative of the movie. I care about the acting. I care about all the other stuff the movie does. And it just so happens that the movie that comes closest to satisfying my preferences, the best of the best of the best, is David Bowie’s Blackstar.

Which was one of the three great movies of this decade. I couldn’t possibly be upset if David Bowie was my favorite film of the last decade and not the best.

In this particular case, Bowie’s film was not a success in the same sense as his first two films were failures, but that doesn’t mean one of them is more important than the other or one less important than the other. Blackstar is a very interesting and original story that explores an aspect of the human experience that I find very interesting and even interestingable. David Bowie’s Blackstar is a movie that should be considered the best work of his and his colleagues’ and my careers.

The only reason I don’t really care very much about