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We have our own hotel in Malaga, Spain, that’s very close to the set! If they need to stay overnight, there’s usually a bed available at the hotel. We also rent a house in the town of Caleta in France.

Are there any actors you’ve had to shoot in other languages than your own?

It’s quite rare because we shoot all the languages simultaneously but it is happening. I’ve seen it happen. For example, there was a Spanish cast that used to shoot in German but now has a Spanish cast. For example, they were in Turkey but now it’s in Turkish.

You have an impressive collection of models. What’s your process for finding actors and how is your casting process different from Hollywood?

We are very lucky to have the best talent in the world. If you work for a large company, casting is much more complicated. Even on very expensive films, every film is looked at individually. It’s very difficult when you have a new project when you have to find the right actor. We have actors who have been with us since the beginning.
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What did you think of the teaser trailer of your film? What do you think about it?

It was a great teaser and a new direction. It was interesting, the film’s story started in real life. We want to reach out to younger and older audiences and we want to show them that even on the silver screen, one can fight for justice by playing the characters you dream about.

I was surprised how much they used real actors’ faces rather than CGI.

It was very innovative, it was innovative!

You have a very young fanbase. I know a lot of people are passionate about your films. But sometimes these kinds of fans have more negative reactions. How do you handle this? How does it happen?

I’m very happy with the reaction we have today — my first film has received a positive reception worldwide! I was a little surprised at the negative reaction at the beginning because the first trailer had a lot of similarities to my previous films. But I am so happy and excited about this year that the positive reception has been so tremendous. It’s really great.

It seems like a lot of people are enjoying your films. What’s the secret to that?

I’m very happy as we have fans worldwide. I think many movies like ours have positive critics but negative fans as well. But I think our fans understand the power of

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