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Director: $30,000. The most high paid job in the industry is a video editor.

Filmmaker: $25,000. That’s the highest salary.

Editor: $22,000. That is the lowest.

Film Producer: $25,000. The lowest salary in terms of dollars, but it’s a long shot.

Other positions within film industry can be high.

Producer: $43,500. But that is the minimum salary requirement, based on years of experience within the industry.

Director: $40,000. That’s the low end.

But if you do it right – it is possible to have all that money and still have your life, at the end of the day, be miserable.

So how can you make it?

1. Follow your dreams.

The first step in earning money in the film industry is to keep going. Keep your head down and keep working.

This is something most filmmakers never do. Most directors just let it get away from them. They are so wrapped up with how many credits they have in front of them that they never take the time to look on Youtube and see how many people are working in their industry.

It’s important that you have a solid vision for where you want to go in life. Do not follow your passion, but keep pushing forward.

2. Don’t let money get you down.

It is important to realize that you are actually earning an income just for doing something you love. You do not have to be some millionaire so long as you make sure you live a healthy and rewarding life. So don’t let the money in that is taking your life away make you angry.

The more money you get from your film, the better your life will be.

3. Be patient.

The first two steps are already done.

There is only one step left where you will actually make you money. You must be patient. Be patient with yourself and your career. Make sure you find the most appropriate route for your life and your career.

I had a job as an editor in film school, and I was given a budget of about $20,000 to start. I had no idea what the project was going to be, but by the end of the shooting, I knew that I was going to make it. My heart was beating so fast I was nearly at

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