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A film editor’s salary depends on what experience and training you have and in what country. The salaries depend on the level of experience you have as a director, producer or art director.

To find out how much a director’s or producer’s salary is, take a look at the salaries of senior editors (production assistants) in Hollywood.

In the UK and Europe, the salaries of a production assistant are lower, so it’s worth checking before you travel.

The salaries of a production editor are higher in some countries such as the US and South Africa, but not yet as good as in other places.

There are salary differences between directorships, producers’ and art directorships, so it’s useful to check what the average salary is for each one.

How do I choose a film editor?

Most major film festivals provide a list of the most exciting, inspiring, inspiring film editors.

You can click on the name on the list to find a brief interview with the editor or read more about the editor itself, their experience or what they do.

Some important tips to consider when choosing an editor:

Keep their experience under review

This is particularly important when working with a seasoned editor who has spent years developing their abilities.

When they get older the experience they have is going to start to take a back seat, so you have to be absolutely sure you are getting a complete package from them.

So if you want a film editor who can edit films for a decade, it might not be worth the extra fee.

Try to ask about the editor’s knowledge of editing films

This is vital for a film editor to know what techniques are important. It’s really important to make sure that your editor knows what the different methods of editing actually are. This might make their edit more effective – if they understand which features need work and which are not.

It can also make the editing decisions as a production team easier, as the editor knows how the team will work together to achieve a particular result.

Ask if the editor is willing to mentor you and offer their advice

Being helpful is really important to an editor as they are the first and only one who could really take you through the edit (whether at the editing stage or the post-production stage). So if the editor would be interested in giving you feedback, they need to be happy to collaborate with you during that process.

If not, they need to

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