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Film students study the theory and practice of storytelling with various media. They may also study a variety of different kinds of media, particularly visual stories, which focus on the visual elements as a way to convey the meaning of narrative and story. They are also trained to use and manipulate graphic, audio, and other forms of visual storytelling.

What do teachers study?

Teachers work with visual and audio narrative students in order to guide them through the various stages of a film production process. These students may go through the development phase, complete a proof of concept, make the final film, and present it at a film festival. Or, they may work on a short film, a feature-length film, and a short film.

What do teachers expect to achieve?

Teaching is important because students learn in a variety of different ways. Students learn in different ways in different situations.

Students learn through hands-on study and working with various media. Students are influenced by what they read or hear, and may learn by watching other people’s films. Teachers have an opportunity to help their students improve their skills as visual storytellers by encouraging them to make their own films with and without the help of film students. Students may learn about the different kinds of media and the differences between film and visual narrative. And then teachers see what works with each student.

How do students communicate?

Students are capable of different forms of communication. Some students have the ability to communicate visually, some visually communicate by writing, others communicate by writing in some other way. These abilities vary.

Sometimes students who want to communicate with other students in order to share their ideas, learn ways of communicating with other students by their behavior or what they do in class or outside of class. If a student or a teacher can communicate visually with another person, that person may also communicate visually with other students or a teacher.

How do these different kinds of communication occur?

Some students can communicate visually. Other students may talk in a tone that other people may find more acceptable or not appropriate to communicate visually. Or, other students might communicate visually, but a teacher might find that the language that the students are using is inappropriate for the school’s speech policies.

Other students may communicate verbally, others may use body language, and some also use a combination of visual communication and verbal communication.

The communication skills develop as students make films in the way that works best for them. Students learn about the types

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