Is it hard to become a filmmaker? – 12 Stages Of Filmmaking

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It’s just kind of… I’ve always liked art… I think most people have a way in them of wanting to just do this one thing and in some ways it is kind of difficult [to turn] from being a photographer to being a filmmaker. Not to say that there aren’t people who are fantastic photographers and film makers and I would just say sometimes that that desire for the film to be made that way is too much in the world of the filmmaker. Like, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s definitely an attitude that it’s always, it’s always that if it’s not a big enough piece, it will come later. Because it’s not enough that you’ve tried and it’s never enough to create something.

And what’s with the “The Dark Universe”?

You know, this might sound strange, but there are people that are interested in having this character created so that he’ll be in a big universe later on, because that’s just the way storytelling works. So, like, you’re gonna see more and more stories about this character because now people are gonna be able to read those stories that happen between those individual episodes and so it’s just like that feeling that you got when you read the pilot of your own show, where you’re like, “Oh, this could be my series. It could be a show that I’m producing that will be on for years and years and years. I don’t know, I don’t know, I really really hope it’s my series so I can do this, do that.” And I would also say this: Like, the best thing for this film’s potential is if it isn’t that kind of big universe. I don’t know… But I think there’s definitely an appetite to see this become something like a trilogy. I would absolutely say that. I don’t know exactly when but… That would be a wonderful series!

How has the process been to get to this position, and what have you done differently to prepare for this kind of work?

I think for a filmmaker it’s hard enough to just not do the job you love doing. I think there’s a lot of fear and anxiety that keeps people from being able to just, when they’re on the clock, just go do another thing because they’re afraid that they’ll miss something. The other part is just trying to, you know, think about other things besides what you’re doing right now. Because in the current way that we’re

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