Is becoming a film director hard?

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How hard is it to make a movie?

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How much is that going to cost?

How long does it take to shoot a movie?

Are there things I can do to make a successful movie?

Why is it that when I look back on my work, I always remember it was hard?

In order to make a movie, sometimes it takes more than one night to shoot. A lot of people who don’t make movies do it on weekends. Or you take out the weekends and that is how it will look. The first night, it was very hard and very messy. I am sure you are not alone. But when the film is done, if you don’t have a lot of time to shoot, everything that you have done is going to look terrible. It is a little bit easier when you are doing the movie on location. When I get this shot, a lot of people say, ‘There is no use. I don’t want you to shoot that again.’ If you’re going to have any kind of success, you have to do it right and on location. You can get away with shooting very little on location. I would be foolish to say that it’s possible to make a movie that is done in one night.

When you were working with Paul Thomas Anderson, you were making films that were completely in the director’s head. He was the one giving you a direction. But that was also true from his point of view. You had to make sure that he didn’t feel he was the only director that was going to benefit from what you are doing. He said, ‘No one is going to see it as mine. You are the only one whose image will be on people’s screens.’ And that is not true of my movie. For example, I was going to shoot the trailer in England. But the British didn’t know that I was going to do it that way, and we ended up shooting in Hawaii.

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Were there people who didn’t think you were right for it?

I didn’t get many calls from people who didn’t think I was right for what they were doing. I had worked with two other directors who were shooting trailers in New York, and they were getting great reviews. One of them was the great David Fincher. He was very disappointed with the fact that he had to work more with you, which he thought made it better. David