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A producer is someone who takes a film and creates it through a system that involves many people — it involves people who are experts in their field, but it also involves other producers who are trying to make it something for others to do so they can benefit financially and gain exposure. It’s not a job, but it’s an occupational group of people. That’s its strength.

What are some specific ways you see the industry adapting to the Internet?

It’s difficult. You think about how people get to know a producer — not through a traditional route of going through a big studio. People get their information from online and it might be news articles or blogs that give a very detailed view of a talent or project that’s out there. People are not sure how to deal with that so there’s less of a chance of people putting in the time to find out. That’s one of the things about being a small distributor that we really want to help with. In order for this to work, we have to take advantage of these different channels and how people are accessing them. That requires a different kind of approach.

This is what I was looking for..but there’s no link there..

I’m looking to sell a 4S with the “dent” in its bumper. The bumper (on the right) is covered in white paint, or something of that nature, the side of the bumper does not show any such blemish.

I have no doubt that the bumper and it’s paint are new; but was looking for the dent in it’s bumpers from when I bought it..and it’s so just doesn’t really look like mine.

Anyone have any idea as to what I should expect to get for it..i’ll have a hard time keeping it on credit card company won’t really accept the insurance on brother has owned it for a year, and we are sure it’s been painted.

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Thanks. I really need to get this sorted out, because I just wanna sell it so I can get some cash…and I want it to be the best of its kind!

The first thing people notice about the new Star Wars film is its shiny black and chrome look. This is not a case of the Star Wars galaxy looking more shiny than previous films, and the first look gives a very good idea of just how far this new film takes the franchise: it’s full of chrome. There’s an elegant, slightly shiny

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