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It can! I’ve got a background in theatre and this gives me a good base to work on the projects that interest me. I always say that the job that is the best job for me is that of an editor. That job is very difficult to make work but when you get the right people and the right skills it gives you the greatest amount of confidence when you come into the editor’s room.

The thing about editing is that you are in a kind of bubble. The thing is that if you are not feeling confident then it means that you are not working on the level it is expected from you; but it is part of being a professional and that’s the key for me.

And there has been talk about a TV series in the future based on the movie which have you in mind?

There will be a TV series. Not just on my list, it is something that would bring me pleasure but it will go to a different country.


Use of Firearm in the Home

How to Determine When a Gun is Unloaded

In general, a firearm that is empty must not be used in the home. But there are times when someone doesn’t know the gun is empty and accidentally pulls a loaded gun into the home.

“Unloaded” means that the round is not in the chamber (no round is in the barrel or magazine). This is the most common type of mistake made when the gun owner knows the gun is empty.

The gun can then be put down to be cleaned. Then it must be manually picked up before someone or something in the home fires or takes the gun away.

“Loaded” means that the round is in the chamber and ready to fire (usually fired), yet the bullet is loaded with a cartridge.

There are several factors that should be considered when determining whether a gun is loaded or unloaded.

“Duty to Use” – Can be applied to either a loaded or unloaded gun


If the owner has a duty to use the weapon and the threat exists, that weapon will be used. However, if the threat is not there, then the weapon will remain unloaded.

If the gun is in the owner’s control in this situation, the owner is responsible for its safety and for the safe storage of the gun, even if the weapon is unoccupied.

Exceptions: If:

The use is not for a lawful purpose

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