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[2013], with $15.38 million in earnings to date, means he’s earned more than the average director of a film by more than $150,000, on a $100,000 salary. He’s also made more than a half dozen films over the past 10 years alone, and the last seven of them have all grossed more than $100 million. If you only consider that for films that have done anywhere from ten to more than 100 theaters, they all make more than you can make in four months. This is an excellent testament to the power of the independent film and the fact that it’s far more powerful than the industry.

You can find the rest of the list here, and if you haven’t seen one of these films yet, I highly recommend you catch them all.
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There may not be a single moment in the 2016 season that hasn’t been marked by the presence of an Atlanta Hawks player. We will start with a player who, despite playing nearly as limited time as any player on his team, will go down as one the best on this list and will continue on through the regular season.

Hoop Dreams. All-Star Saturday. MVP.

A week after the Atlanta Hawks selected Kyle Korver with their first-round pick of the 2016 NBA draft, the basketball world was waiting to see if Korver would show the consistency that had made him a fan favorite throughout his tenure with the Hawks. Unfortunately, that moment came and went Wednesday night, when Korver was in his first season with the Orlando Magic after a trade with the Atlanta Hawks. Korver recorded a career-high in field goal percentage (.505) despite just shooting 41.2 percent from the field. He completed his rookie season with a 43-point, 15-of-19 performance, but missed the remainder of the regular season with a sprained ankle.

A third-year player who may eventually play both forward spots, it’s no surprise that Korver saw limited minutes on the court for the Magic. That’s the nature of his new deal with the Hawks that he’s in the midst of.

Korver spent the majority of the season averaging 13.4 minutes per game, with a usage rate of just above 25 percent. That made for a very disappointing season for the former Magic forward. The only way Korver has managed to get back into rhythm with the Magic is through his playing time, and that was in large part due to Atlanta.

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