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What are the basics? Does it have to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars?

I mean, what does it take to create a feature film or television series?

No. I mean, what does it really take? So you know, this is—and I mean, this is for a lot of the people that watch these kinds of movies. You know, there are many, many, many people who watch these movies who think that they’ll just make a couple thousand (dollars), make a couple hundred thousand bucks, do a few pictures, and walk away with some million bucks. If they’re smart, they can do things like that.

But really, these people won’t make that kind of money, and they don’t really have that much money to start with, either.

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And the question is, can they still do those artsy things?

Well, they’ll do them if the money’s there.

There’s a lot that goes into producing a film today, the way that we see most films. You know, a studio would be very unlikely to invest in a director’s art and storytelling skills and a movie that doesn’t have a lot of characters. A director of photography, if I were a studio, probably wouldn’t have a lot of money to throw into this very, very specific thing.

And the art goes to the studio. Or what do you call it? How are filmmakers supposed to make these kinds of movies? You know, you put your heart and soul into everything you do.

It’s an incredibly competitive business, which I see.


Is that because they’re going to be very ambitious and maybe they will have the money to do it? Some movies don’t need as much as others—

They need to have—you know, they gotta have their heart in the right place. And if [a studio] doesn’t have a place that the director is happy, then they’re gonna have problems. And so, yeah, that’s why there’s a lot of competition. That’s why you gotta have—and the studios just have to start to understand that. Right now.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

There’s not enough money.

Okay. Thank you very much.

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