How much does a film director make in a year?

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That question has plagued film professionals for years. It’s one that has haunted some of the film industry’s brightest stars over the years. It’s a question that also demands a lot of work, as much as possible, and even then it always seems there’s a way to get around the question without taking any action.

The real answer, however, is a lot easier to figure out than you’d think: a lot of money.

Film Directors in 2014

Below, we’ll break down the films that made the biggest bucks in 2014, followed by a list of the highest grossing films from that same year. We’ll also look at how much money was generated by each of the films, as well as how many times they made the top 20 films in 2012. We’ll also highlight some of the films that didn’t make the top 50 as it was a very close race with just a handful of titles.

The Top 100 Films of 2014

Weeks and weeks long. It’s difficult to say exactly how many weeks each film ran last year, as several titles have only made it into the top 50 every year for the past few years while others haven’t even made it into the top 100 once. But the overall numbers are a good snapshot of the overall success of each film, so I’ll try to go one step at a time.

So, I used IMDB’s box office sales figures from just about every day of 2014 as the primary source, along with a few “special” box office numbers I decided to try to use for certain titles (e.g. the “Cumulative Sales” which seems to consistently miss out on the weekend releases).

A couple big caveats you should take when doing this sort of analysis:

1) Please keep in mind that IMDB’s box office stats are based on film ticket sales, but this is a huge factor to consider when determining box office numbers. For this list, I’ll stick to the total Box Office earned by the films, but you’ll find it’s difficult to use all of those box office figures when determining how big a movie is or isn’t really.

2) I’m using the top grossing weekend for any title at any given time for this article, so I have to put any films that are a few months away from that date in a box office position that is close to them. That’s not to say that any of the films aren’t worth it at this time in