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How long does it take you to finish a film? These are all really difficult questions, and one that will get you killed trying to answer. I wanted them to be as accurate as possible, so I asked myself how long it would take to finish an average American feature film. It turns out, no one could really answer this question. This is not entirely a problem, though it can be a real problem. No one in the world can tell you how much it will take to produce a 1,000-minute movie, with each minute of film costing $4-6 million and each hour costing $30,000, and so on. There is a way to answer this that is not based in assumptions. And that’s by asking how many hours of film do you make per year, and dividing that by three. If you do that and you divide it by the number of hours of TV to create an average film length, you find that it only takes six hours per year to make one hour of TV. It’s not one hour of film in this picture, but six hours of film, split three ways, and the total amount of work comes out to be three and a half days. But that means that you never work more than three days, meaning that if you wanted to work all three days in the same time, there would have to be a hundred thousand film makers, and three hundred thousand film makers isn’t a significant enough percentage to be worth it. I think it is too hard to think of how much film you make in a year, and I certainly didn’t. But if you have the information that this is what it takes, then the most you could do is estimate how much would be enough work to justify a full time job, maybe a little less. But that is not the point. The point is that the average American film director is doing only six hours of film a year, and the average American film producer is doing twenty two hours a year. I knew something was fishy. Even if it’s true that you could do ten thousand of one movie a year, and each movie costs three to four million dollars, and you need twenty million dollars to make all of them, and that doesn’t even include your production costs for marketing and distribution, then it would still make almost ten thousand dollars in the first six months. And that is not for a film that is actually good. But if you have the information that it takes six hours a year to make a movie, it will take about thirteen years to

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