How do you plan a film shoot? – Digital Techniques For Wideband Receivership

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I think our whole process is all about having a good idea in our mind of what we envision. We have all of this information and we sit down when we start shooting.

We have this idea about, “We’re going to do this idea with a bunch of people all together.” I guess we can’t just go do this idea, we need to show it to as many people as possible, like, “Okay, this is where we are going to take this.” It gets a little weird sometimes. It gets a little weird when you have more people and you’re like, “How many people can you have? It’s such a small crew.” But you also have to have that in the back of your head, because you don’t want to miss anything because no one is doing it right. So you have to keep you brain on it and try to come up with a plan.

You also plan where you’re going to shoot, and sometimes it’s pretty crazy. I’m usually somewhere outside of the scene. And if you can get an artist there, sometimes you can create something totally different.

You have to learn to trust your instincts — that if they say no, you know you can’t go with it. I can’t just go find a bunch of kids and have them do everything. You know, it’s a risk that you can’t take. But it seems like every year, we’re getting bigger and better. It seems like we should have more and more people working with us.

How did you make this documentary, and who’s your partner on this project?

I’m an artist, and my partner is a photographer. We both had a lot of experience making films, working in the music field, but I wanted to show that we’re able to do a documentary. I wanted to highlight my work and really focus on the people behind this. I don’t mind people going in there and taking it or being there and feeling that. I want people coming in here and just seeing what we do. The only thing I would tell you and I would ask people is that if you take a picture of any of us, please let a friend or family member know. It might not happen, but I would really appreciate that. I want to do a film about the people behind these things, not just a bunch of kids.

Did you feel pressure to show other people being themselves? Did you feel like making that film would become a commercial endeavor?

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