How do you become a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Definition

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There are a number of reasons. Here is a good summary that I gave on my “Making Movies” blog:

The most important part of filmmaking, and one that will come as your first job, is to get comfortable with the medium. Film-makers like to make a film with the medium in mind in a way they don’t with other creative activities (writing, writing an epic novel, or producing a musical) because it is such a natural and fundamental craft.

The second part of the job (and the most crucial) is to learn how to use the technology, and the tools within that technology effectively, in addition to actually making a film. To learn how to use the camera, find a set-up that works well with it, learn what’s possible with it to use it in the best way, and then to learn the tricks of the trade to make the most of it. This includes editing.

That last part is what’s necessary for me. While I’m also a composer (which I also love writing songs/composing music for) I also can’t really tell the difference between a film and a music composition (or a song), so instead I prefer to learn by doing.

There are other types of things you can do in the film industry, besides just making films, like making music. Making videos about yourself, making an animated short, etc is all great and important job-slots for anyone, but there are also things that are just as important for you as they are if you want your work to be noticed. These are things like public speaking, writing, making podcasts, and so on.

If you want to learn how to make films, you absolutely need to spend time with that sort of stuff (more details about making a short film can be found here), and it is the most important thing you can do when you are working on your passion project. Just as you don’t need to know the basics of music theory to really make a song or an album, neither do you need to know the basics of filmmaking to be a filmmaker.

Can I make films as a professional filmmaker?
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No, you can’t make films for your career (that’s a separate skill set to those outlined in this post). There is no such thing as a true “movies for the film maker”. It’s simply no-one gets to make movies for their career. The whole concept of a movie-maker is not a skill set you should

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