How do I start a filmmaking career?

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It really is a personal choice. If you are a filmmaker in the United States, you need to start somewhere. There are all kinds of places – including Hollywood. But for most individuals, starting as an independent filmmaker is a better road than making films in Hollywood or anywhere else. Starting the process with the aim of establishing yourself as a filmmaker is essential to getting started.

You do not have to take a salary on your first film – your income will be dependent on the amount of feedback you get on the film and the level of quality you deliver.

How do I work professionally?

We are on a mission to give you the platform to make your own career, so our first step is hiring you to take a paid writing/directing internship with a director and to teach them a little about working with the camera. The goal is to learn so they can get comfortable with making movies themselves. You will be part of a small, closely knit crew that will make your first film, learn the process behind making films and get out the door.

As an independent filmmaker, you don’t need to become a full-time indie film director or a full-time assistant director. You will be more inclined to take on paid film projects and as a result be able to save and create and build your brand and network. You can make your film on your own time (but if you’re a freelancer, you may want an agent to help you plan).

What is the process like?

It’s a lot like starting a band: it’s slow, it’s hard and if you make it to the finish line without doing any major damage to your personal life, there are a ton of awesome prizes to be won for making great films!

How long before we are ready to launch?

This process will be different for each individual, but the general expectation should be that we should have launched the first film in spring 2016. That means we won’t have finished shooting the first film when it officially launches, but we will be ready to start pre-production for the other projects in spring 2016 so you can expect the launches in summer/fall of 2017. We don’t want you to hold us to this timeline.

What else?

You should be doing your homework so that you don’t put the movie ahead of your career and make a big project that’s over budget.

This will be a full-time job so get those coffee breaks.