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You’re going to get a job in movies, or you’re going to get one anyway, and then it’s all going to disappear. The studios say that, too. If you like what you’re doing — if you want to do this and you want to do that, or if you work there — you’re going to get hired. They don’t have anywhere else to look for you.

What if you’re lucky enough to get a real job in films, and you find it’s not that glamorous like a TV job, but it’s also not really a career?

You’re not going to make it. You know what I mean? I worked for years (in film) without a real job, and at one point I was getting a real job. And at that point I realized there was no money in it, that I didn’t make the most of it, except this thing — I’d spent a lot of money on this thing — and I wasn’t happy about it. I didn’t like doing it too much. But if my film hadn’t been a financial success — and it didn’t — I would have moved on to a different kind of work.

And then when you started working in television, what happened?

I got an offer (for a role) where I could be a good actor — a showbiz kind of character and do a scene of a certain kind of thing. And I started doing it, and it was fun. That led to a couple more film roles, a couple more television roles — it went on.

It was fun?

It was really fun. But I was never really comfortable with it — not about doing it and having it come out of me. The most important thing for me was that it was all really fun. And as it was getting bigger, and it got into the other side of your life, I wasn’t having that anymore. So I said, “Fine. Let me quit.” It was very, very good, I loved it, and I was so proud of doing it. But it was time — and it wasn’t a good time — and I couldn’t do it anymore.

Do you think that maybe you didn’t want to do it that much, but you were still trying to find your footing?

I don’t know if I felt like I was getting to where I should have been yet. I really think that it’s an individual thing, whether you have what you wanted, or

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