Do I need to go to film school?

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Film school does not require any technical training. Once trained, you do not require other training as long as they are good. To learn more about film school, follow this link:

What about the difference between a student and an employee of the company?

Student and employee are two different classes, and you should be treated the same way. As an employee – you are employed by the company to do their things. You are not an employee of the company. You are just a part of the company. You have to comply and play by the rules.

What about making mistakes?

You make mistakes. You always make mistakes, it is part of the business. The difference is that you make the mistakes within the company.

Are they going to keep me?

They will tell you and then they will let you go. The company will never give to a client an agreement that they will keep your client and not tell you. So if you get kicked out for being too stupid you can probably ask for a second chance with an employer. The problem with the current law and the way we view film school is that you need to understand it and that is why you need to be an expert in it if you want to make the right choice. You do need an attorney though to get the right job.

How long a project is?

A project is any length of pictures or movies (short or long).

Are they going to make me work overtime?

They are not, but it is an option if you like it. They will be a good employer that will do the right things.

Do I need a license to be an entrepreneur in Canada?

Yes, any person who wants to make and make sure what they make is legal can. If you want to make movies we need a license to make movies in this country. But we are going to start allowing people in Canada the ability to make movies for their own private projects. You can even make this a legal business and be an entrepreneur, but it will be a business in Canada.

What can I do if I want to start my own company?

You need to create a proper business plan. Then you need to file a licence application with the provincial government. There will be a fee that a person must pay to start and be an entrepreneur. So this is very hard to do in Canada as