Do I need a degree to be a filmmaker?

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The process of becoming a filmmaker is simple – learn and practice to become an amazing camera operator.

The biggest barrier when shooting a documentary is understanding the subject matter and getting the footage to your clients. If you do all you can and can make these two things happen, you are off in the clear to make your client happy and your film budget goes up.

Why do I need to know the subjects?

In my opinion, the best people who will teach you about a subject are family members or friends. So if you want to make a documentary you need to know these people – they will get it. You do not need a PhD or college degree. They can help you with their advice.

Do you need a course when you are developing a story?

Yes in most countries students need a course to get a certificate. But not in the UK. Here it is a complete course of study.

Can I be a film maker without a degree?

Yes, of course, with a degree as a filmmaker you will be able to film in a much wider variety of settings. You will have much more control when shooting on location. You will still be shooting with a film camera but you will also be able to do your own research. You will be a much bigger asset to your project since you will have a solid knowledge of what you are doing.

Can I be a film maker without documentary degree?

Yes if you are an amateur who shoots on a regular basis and is shooting with digital cameras. You need to know how to shoot fast and slow action; what lights, lenses, cameras and filters you need to use, what film techniques to use and if you need to learn how to edit. It might look daunting. But if you are a filmmaker who shoots on a regular basis and are a good person you can do it. If you are really serious about getting this degree, find someone to help you with it. There are many people who are able to teach you and help you. Find it. Don’t be afraid of finding who will help you.

Do I need a student visa or do I need a work permit?

Both. They are essentially the same thing. There are some exceptions to this; some countries refuse to issue students permits (e.g. Mexico) while others do. If they don’t (or the students aren’t allowed in) you can’t start until you get a valid visa. Most countries require a student visa