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Do you want your work to be considered art?

My degree is in Art History from Loyola University Chicago. It’s an art school. I didn’t go over there. That’s not the point. I’ve had an art degree. That’s not that important. I’ve just been doing it on my own terms.

So you’re the perfect person to answer that question: how to do something and do it well? That’s the first step, yes? I’ve done things without a degree that weren’t easy to do. I went to graduate school at Penn State and I worked there doing a couple of things. That’s not the same thing, which is a great advantage. We were making a documentary for HBO and they were willing to use my degree for a minute of footage (laughs). My first day there, they asked to use that degree (laughs). It was amazing. But that’s the first step. If you’re going to do something, make a mistake. You’re not as good as you think you are until you do it.

Do you prefer to work alone or in a collective way?

I prefer to do things alone because I’m a perfectionist.
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Do you ever have a day in your life where you say, “I can’t do this, that, or the other thing”? Or was the whole thing done with you and you just didn’t want to do anything else?

Yeah, when I’m doing all those things simultaneously, it’s a lot harder. I’m not that good at just doing one thing for one second and not doing anything else. It’s been a challenge because if you’re not a perfectionist, it’s easier. But you can’t do everything. You can’t do everything. So it’s easier to say, “I’ll just make it happen.” But you can’t do everything every time.

What are some of your favorite projects? I’m sure people will pick up on the “big project” that you might have started somewhere. Do you have something in your work that you can call your big one or one of your top projects?

I’m a perfectionist. I don’t have a particular project that’s my top one. I just want every project to be perfect. (laughs)

Let’s talk about the music, specifically in the studio.

This was one of my favorite ways to work. I would pick different people to play different instruments and the only thing I

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