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In the mid-1960’s, Michael S. Gelfand (born in 1956 in Westmount) had invented an instrumental piece called “breakdancing,” which has received a lot of attention for his use of a rhythmic beat to create his style of dance.

Michael and his brother Eric also created an independent group called “The Gelfand Brothers,” comprised of a variety of young dancers who created original dances, and also included Eric and Michael at various moments.

What is breakdancing?

According to the official site, breakdancing was first defined in the early 1960’s by the famous jazz musician Art Tatum and his dancers. According to Wikipedia, “dance is a way of communicating between two people and, as an art form, it is more or less one means of communication between two people – an oral or written, or visual or kinetic means of communication or transmission – that a person uses in order to communicate his meaning”

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According to Wikipedia, the term “breakdancers” could be applied to a variety of choreography in which one person dances in a way that is unique to each of the participants. In terms of dance, breakdancing would also include improvisation, which is when different dancers or groups of dancers play together and create new patterns.

One major defining figure from the 1970’s which caused breakdancing to enter the contemporary world was the late great soul/soul vocal singer, John Prine. Prine was not only an accomplished singer and composer but a visionary to the art form itself.

There are numerous songs and movies in which Prine’s distinctive vocal style is an integral part of his visual art style. According to an article about Prine, some of his compositions that have become classic are “The River,” “The Lariat,” “Little Lulu,” and “All The Pretty Horses.”

In 1980, Michael and Eric started a company called “The Gelfand Brothers.” It was called “The Gelfand Brothers” until 1980 when it was incorporated as one of Michael’s companies, “The Gelfand Brothers Recordings.” The company continued until Michael officially retired from his performing career in 1982.

When was “breakdancing” invented?

According to the official website:

“Breakdancing is the improvisation by which three or more people participate in a dance, and all the participants are in total musical complete freedom of choice”.

According to the original definition, break

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