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In the early 2000s with the help of rappers like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z, hip hop became an accepted cultural phenomenon. Over the next 10 years the artists of South-East Asia expanded their influences and expanded their reach beyond their home countries. This included the formation of hip hop music and the creation of the global hip hop community. This worldwide phenomenon became the subject of a landmark documentary called Hip Hop 2.0.

Kendrick Lamar

In 2009 Kendrick Lamar was born and became a household name after winning the Grammy Award for “Best Rap Album” and “Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group” during the 2016 Grammy Awards. This award resulted in a record breaking number of record breakers and a career as a superstar rapper. He has had his own albums and has performed on TV like the Grammy Award winning TV show.

The rise of hip hop

From the origins of hip hop music in the late 1960s to its emergence as a mainstream culture with millions of individuals taking to internet and social media in the mid-90s, there is no shortage of music records over the last 2 decades. This includes the release of countless albums from the 90s including Biggie Smalls “Me Against the World” and Tupac Shakur “Still D.R.E.”

Kendrick Lamar’s success is the latest of these records in the genre and marks the first time he has won this award. However, Kendrick Lamar has been very careful not to take the credit for it.

The importance of hip hop music in the 21st century

If hip hop music had not started in South-East Asia, who would have come up with the concept and put together the soundtrack? It had been the work of several musicians but it was only from 2004 onwards with the support of the U.S. that the song “Thrift Shop” was heard. This has brought together the international hip hop community to help and nurture it.

The popularity of the song on the internet in 2004 helped spread the culture of hip hop and the success of Kendrick Lamar has helped to fuel this trend to a new level.

In the early 2010s the world-wide popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Apple’s iTunes helped create many more people who took to those sites to express their opinions on music and music culture, leading to the birth and popularity of blogs and online forums.

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