Which country is famous for belly dance? – Belly Dancing History

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I think people in Europe get a good feeling of the city by the sight of a belly dance rather than how the dance looks. I remember seeing at the age of 7 an American tourist who had a belly dancer. He looked exactly like all the girls he saw at the beach. I have no idea why he did that.

Which country is famous for big men?

In most other countries in Europe everyone knows that the bigger the man, the more manly and beautiful he is. Most young boys in America know that if the person they want to ask to go out with them is too big it makes him more attractive, and for the same reason in most African countries the bigger the man, the better. In the Caribbean there are many countries, like Grenada and Saint Kitts, where the men are not considered to be masculine, but women prefer to meet him and talk to him.

If a boy gets hit, who picks him up to tell how big his head is?

Most boys in Latin America don’t get to see their faces in the movies and television and, therefore, don’t know how much they are looked up to in their country and in America. I hope that one day we will do something to change that. I wonder what the American people think about this issue!

Do children actually need to be dressed up in costumes, like Cinderella needs to be dressed up in white and red flowers in her hair to be accepted by other girls?

There are no real costumes here for us girls who aren’t Cinderella. For us the clothes are merely symbols of the way we behave. And the way we behave is often based on the way the person sees us. The way these days the clothes are being worn here, is that the people see it as sexy and not just a way to make other girls look good, except when they are in the wrong. I wonder if this will happen in the countries where they are allowed to wear these clothes.

Do you think that the kids’ music, including a lot of the dance tunes in the club, are very popular in other countries?

I think it is quite a popular thing here.

Do you think the club is a big draw for young people?

It has certainly become a major and very useful thing for the young people now to gather and do club dance classes here. It really makes their lives easier and safer. I think it has contributed to a lot of the young people that we have in

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