Is hip hop a culture? – Belly Dance Drawing

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I would say hip hop — of course. [Laughs] Even back in 2007 they had “The Hip Hop Revolution” and I’d say it had just started happening.

Are there certain people in hip hop who are trying to get back to their roots?

I always see this debate in hip hop — are they hip hop or mainstream? I always think that hip hop is hip to mainstream — that in the future it’s about what you’re into — I like the stuff of Lil Wayne because I think you can use the language, but are you going to talk about politics? The fact of the matter is, the mainstream is going to come back to hip hop — but the culture is going to come back to hip hop.

I think [the mainstream] doesn’t understand the culture as much as they should. It’s really important that you know how to mix hip hop with pop music or rap music in a way that is going to make it different — for my generation. I don’t think anyone’s actually going to know if a Lil Wayne song is pop music, but you can still use the word “pop” to describe whatever it is he is doing.

Can you think of an example?

I think what the [Young Money] rapper’s doing right now, [Lil] Wayne, he’s got two major radio singles, “Thug Passionate” and “What’s My Name.” And I like how he’s mixing them. And I hope he keeps going about what he’s doing and keeps doing it for as long as he can because the more popular you are, the more money you are making.

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You are reading the full interview of the “Korean Man” on “Dancing With the Stars,” which was aired on August 12, 2015. As you can see, the KMM interview is quite short.

For this interview “the Korean Man” gave me a good feedback.

Question 1: You said that you are Korean and were also an artist until two years ago. Did you do it voluntarily, or was it forced?

Korean Man: For me, I did it voluntarily. For one, I wasn’t really a good singer, so maybe I was forced to start singing. For two, I was just a dancer, so it didn’t really matter what to do. I just enjoyed having the opportunity to dance and sing and I feel like when I was a

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