Is belly dancing difficult to learn?

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Not really. At an advanced level, belly dancing moves are very easy to do. You have to develop the muscles to turn your feet and the core to hold yourself up. At a beginner’s level, you should have the correct balance, a good sense of rhythm, and have sufficient strength.

What’s the best way to practice belly dancing? Is it a full body routine?

Yes there is full body belly dancing, but it is very hard to learn by yourself. It takes hours of practice. First, you have to discover what you like doing. Then, you practice a few basic moves, which have different rhythms to each individual. Then, you go to your dance teacher and learn a few moves. After you get all the moves, you practice those moves on a couple of dance partners, which might be a lot of practice. Then, after finishing those moves, go to a third partner, and practice those dances with him a few times before working at a new partner.

What kind of clothes are best at the dance floor?

You will need a good pair of shoes and a pair of tight pants without straps. It’s always better to wear long jeans with the cuffs rolled up so your butt looks good, as this gives you a little more protection and keeps your hips and butt in good shape. Make sure your socks are long enough to give you extra height.

When can you do belly dancing?

Anyone can do belly dancing. But the sooner you get into this dance, the better. In fact, people do belly dancing in their 50s. Because belly dancing is a part of your heart and soul, you can’t wait to have fun with it once you learn to do it to the right rhythm.

How about a dance class?

We do most classes at dance studios. You have to be a registered dancer to attend the classes. Dance studios are a very important way to try belly dancing. A class is a chance to experience belly dancing.

Why is belly dancing so enjoyable?

Belly dancing is relaxing. The rhythm and the movement, together with the music of the dance, make it fun. As you dance, just enjoy the feeling of your stomach and the feeling of the floor. When you breathe, your heart will beat faster. This is called hyperventilation. You know you should breathe when you do a dance like belly dancing.

Where can I learn it?

At a local dance studio. It