How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Belly Dancing History

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The answer is easy — Twerking burns ~0.5 calories per Twerk, while your walking burns ~1.7 calories per Twerk. The difference may not seem significant, but it’s important because walking is one of the most effective ways for a Twerk to burn calories. And if you’re walking about 1.7 miles per day, that translates to ~5.8 Twerk calories burned. So there’s more than enough to last even a short Twerk without it getting in the way, or, more realistically, to get you a ton of Twerk calories in a short amount of time.

Now that you have some general understanding of how to get Twerk calories, how to get Twerk calories, and how to get Twerk calories — we can look into it a little further.

How much weight can I lose by Twerk dancing?

First of all, we should start by noting that Twerking can make weight loss extremely difficult and unlikely. Yes, Twerking can make you look leaner, but it can also make you look ridiculous in just a couple weeks! No matter how great of a dancer you are, getting down to a skinny 6-pack while Twerking can take a little more than a few weeks. But if you’re serious and want to get down to a 6-pack, you’ll need to eat a LOT of Twerking.

I’ll give it a number that looks something like 20 calories Twerking per minute. The actual number is probably a little different — depending on style, the actual caloric burn may or may not be more than 20 calories per minute.

Doing 200 Twerking minutes at 20 calories per minute will burn up to 300 kcal.

So basically, Twerking calories will only result in 300 kcal of fat loss in a 6-week period.

Do you need a lot?

No. If you’re happy with your weight you can do 100 Twerking minutes a day, then the next day you’ll burn 5 calories. Or you could do 3 Twerking minutes a day and start to slowly lose weight. After 3 days you get about 7 calories per minute which works out to 20 calories.

If you’re going to be taking up dance all day, you need to do at least 30 Twerking minutes a day which results in about 3 calories per minute. I recommend doing 10 minutes with the twerk and then another 10 minutes with

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