How do you do a two step?

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Step 1: Get your wife to admit she’s the one that made that choice
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This is the first step to get your wife to take responsibility for her actions. I’ve used a lot of strategies such as having her go out to dinner with another man, and then asking her to stay with you for a while. I’ve also had it worked into my plan if I ever met her ex and offered him my place for the night because I really wanted to make his life hell at the time. I’ve also got her to admit that if she’s in a relationship with the person who made that decision, she doesn’t have to give herself over to the decision as a wife.

2. Step 2: Make sure she realizes her behavior is wrong

This is where you talk to her and show her the error of her behavior. Say that her choices are wrong and that you are prepared to take care of her if she does it again. You can always ask your wife if there are alternatives, you don’t have to make it clear to her upfront, but she has to be honest about it. I’ve even had some women ask me if I had an “out” option on my side. In other words, make it a goal not to force her to live the way she is.

3. Step 3: If she doesn’t do it anymore, call her a piece of dirt

You don’t have to be direct. You can even say simply that you didn’t expect to have to call and tell her. You will have to do this at least a couple of times until your wife understands her actions. For example, you could say, “I don’t expect you to go home with me tonight and change. I expect you to do the work, help, and take care of other responsibilities. If you keep doing this, I will not be able to get pregnant by you.” That’s my favorite.

4. Step 4: Make sure she doesn’t get in trouble from other men

This might sound like a lot of steps, but if you’ve done these steps correctly, you have a chance to get married. If your wife has chosen to treat you differently to the rest of the female population, you still have a chance to get your marriage off the ground.

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