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This answer won’t work when your dancing is in an advanced level because the first step is learning the moves and then the movement can be learnt by the teacher. You need to dance until you master the first two steps.

How to be a good dancer?

First learn to be a great dancer without getting your self obsessed with speed (this is the first mistake that people make when they go to the dance school). Remember that dancing is about movement. You need to feel comfortable and confident in every step. The more times you do that the easier your progress will be.

What to do for beginners to be a good dancer?

1) Study!

2) Stay away from the wrong type of music.

3) Try to practice to a tempo that you feel comfortable.

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4) Keep practising, even when you are dancing on the floor. Be patient. Practice is always a good method to make mistakes. There are only a few steps in dance that you are better off doing a bad technique. I think dancing in a group is a great way to learn.

5) Don’t forget to have fun with your dance.

Have you studied for dance classes (or done dance competitions)? Do you have tips for beginners on how to learn to dance?

This post and dance tips were prepared by Karina Z.

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