How do I learn a dance routine?

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What songs should I use?

Every dance routine is different, and each routine will require that you listen to the songs listed on the “Recommended Songs” page. As a beginner, you want to start by learning the basics – what makes a good routine and how to do it. After that, try to play a couple of songs, practice and improve your choreography, and finally, try and add other tunes to your routine. Once you begin to notice the difference in your dance, you’ll have a great idea of the songs you should practice first, the way you should incorporate the rest of the music into your routine, and what songs you should put into your routine that you haven’t tried before.
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If you’re new to dance, you’ll also want to check out our Dance 101 page, which covers many different dances. If you’re a beginner, try to read over our Beginner’s Dance Tips.

Once you decide which songs you want to practice, try to choose some of them that aren’t very challenging to learn. For example, a song with a simple step might be best. There’s nothing wrong with any dance, and every dance is different – that’s why we’ve put together a selection of beginner songs.

We recommend following two simple steps:

1. Learn a routine with a clear, structured step, in the first four songs you choose. For these four songs, you’ll learn the foundation and the basic elements of your own style.

2. Practice the songs for a while. You won’t really be able to make any progress until you start moving quickly around the dance floor, and if the songs are overly challenging, you’ll end up feeling defeated and demoralized.

To make progress, we suggest that you practice just a portion of your routine – an example might be practicing a few seconds of each song once your dance moves into a quick flow.

Now that you’ve mastered a song, make sure you have some backup in case you can’t find another easy-to-sing example to practice with.

Dancers will want to practice dancing at home or while out. While you can always play the songs and then practice in the dance studio, it’s much safer to practice on your own schedule. The best time to practice is during the night, especially for beginners who don’t have good sleep schedules.

We also strongly recommend that you find ways to practice in a club. Just because you can play the songs, you still can