How do I learn a dance routine?

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You probably shouldn’t read this whole advice. It’s a good start: if you want a dance routine, learn it and practice it over and over, and maybe a mix things up a little with some different movements. You’ll also have a lot more fun with it, and hopefully, it will make you do a dance routine for longer to try and meet all your needs!

Do I have to pay for lessons?

No, they’re free at your school, so it’s totally fine. What’s more, your school can choose to offer some of the basics, like lesson length, which costs less than it takes to buy in bulk to cover all students.

How Do I Buy My Own Dances, Classes, and Supplies?
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Here’s the most recommended list for free online resources and how to buy them.

Free Dances online resource list:

I’d really suggest you first start with a free dance, and then come back and see if you want to try an offline dance or classes.

How Can I Find a School for Dance?

You can find the school you want to attend by using the website: Find the right school for your needs. Also, you can find an online community of dance teachers (the best online dance community is Dancesmart).

What’s the Best Danceschool for Me, My Son or Daughter?

The most important question is: how is your dancing going?

As you can see, it’s the same for me, my son or daughter. There’s nothing different about a dance, no special techniques, no secret moves. Just a lot of practice.

If you don’t dance as much as I do, or practice a lot than I do, you can still find a good school.

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