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In the morning you can eat a few grams of protein before exercise which increases muscle protein synthesis. However many athletes start with the wrong type of protein (i.e. low quality) in the morning before exercise. This causes your muscle to become inflamed. This problem can be improved by giving your workout a small protein shake.
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Do athletes use steroids? When are athletes tested to be fit? How are they tested to be fit? What is meant by “fit”?

All active members of athletics have the need for athletic training and competitive fitness. This has helped them reach the top of their sport. Athletes are tested to be fit for competition by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). This tests your aerobic (oxygen consumption), anaerobic (oxygen consumption below aerobic threshold) and metabolic (aerobic and anaerobic performance of individual joints) performance.

If you are a beginner you do not have to participate in an IAAF race or test as an athlete. This simply allows your body to recover from hard workouts. A few days of recovery means that you can practice on a full time basis.

Do athletes take birth control pills? How much do athletes take? What is the benefit or risk of taking birth control pills? In the US there is currently a ban on the use of birth control pills by women before age 37. How will this affect athletes? And what would your experience be, if there was a ban like this?

All US athletes start their sport as soon as they are able to get their license. Birth control pills as well as injections are available without a prescription to every young female athlete in America. As for the risk to being injured, birth control does not impair athletic performance. In fact it may improve performance and reduce the need for an injection. Many women find that birth control pills and the injection works exactly as advertised. There is no need for further information. It is up to your personal doctor whether they are able to prescribe hormones for you.

When did the USA stop having women qualify for Olympic athletes? If so when?

In 2008 the USA changed their entry requirements from women to men which meant that only men can get an Olympic athlete spot.

How do you help an athlete or group of athletes who is trying to get into the top level of competition?

Start by speaking to your coach to help out. For some of these athletes their coach is willing to help for free as long as they can show they

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