How can I learn dance at home? – Belly Dancer Painting

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You can learn dance from a variety of resources available from dance classes, live studio classes, and online programs, in addition to school classes and programs such as Dance of the Mind.

Does dancing at home include lessons?

At the conclusion of her dance lesson with you, you will be able to choose a class to join and you will have the choice of whether to take your class on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. There are no classes.

Where can I learn dance?

Some of our programs include classes and workshops for people who want to learn dance at home or live in their own home studio. At the conclusion of your class and before the dance with us, you can join one of our dance classes and make your own schedule as you become more familiar with your home and your dance. Some of our classes include dances taught to an ensemble, some of our classes include dance movements and movement classes, and some of our classes incorporate traditional dance movements and move sets made for dance performances. Other classes are designed for more advanced dancers, including dance classes that incorporate more advanced dance techniques. In addition, dance classes are offered by the community throughout the community.

Can I join a dance class that incorporates an advanced movement and movement class?

While some dance classes are designed for advanced dancers and feature dance exercises.

How many teachers are involved with a dance class?

A dance class is designed around a regular group of teachers and performers.

Do we offer lessons?

We offer lessons to all levels and abilities of dancers. We do not offer lessons for individuals who are not dance professionals.

Do our classes have to be on a holiday?

No! Classes offered by Dance of the Mind are often in the open air and accessible to everyone – everyone is welcome at Dance of the Mind programs.

What does the cost of a class include?

Dance classes are designed to be affordable. All classes are presented in partnership with the local music program and our dance programs are not part of a commercial contract. Dance classes are always free!

Will I need a class guide?

Yes. We encourage you to purchase our free downloadable, handouts. You can download the PDF version of our guide at:

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