Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Controversy

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You probably don’t feel hungry. It’s really easy to eat when your stomach is full and you have one of the best stomachs you have ever seen! In this video we explore belly dancing and how you can make your stomach feel fuller. It actually works, but you have to practice some belly dancing before it gets easier and better.

Belly Dancing Tutorial – How to get bigger belly

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The city of Phoenix on Thursday launched a lawsuit against the city of Austin, Texas over a state law that requires that anyone wishing to perform a same-sex marriage in the state’s capital must go through a ceremony conducted in the state’s public courthouse.

“We have no choice,” said Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton. “It’s a discriminatory law and we’re going to defend it vigorously. We plan to challenge this law in a court of law.”

The city sued after Austin passed SB 6 in May, which forbids the city from granting a same-sex couple any same-sex rights, like adoption, foster care and marriage. SB 6 requires any same-sex marriage performed in the state’s capital, or any other city or county office building, to take place in the state’s public courthouse.

Arizona, like most other states, has constitutional provision against discrimination, but says a court should not be required to strike down a state statute as discriminatory when there are reasonable alternative procedures available, said Laura Cutilletta, the legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona. If “there are alternate methods for marriage” in states with constitutional provisions protecting marriage, there is a greater likelihood of constitutional law being followed, she said.

In Austin, state House Speaker Ken Paxton of Fort Worth has refused for months to issue a proclamation declaring SB 6 unconstitutional, saying it doesn’t have to happen. The city of Austin did not seek the lawsuit, saying that such a move would “only provide further validation to the discriminatory law in question and discourage other cities from issuing similar discriminatory ordinances.”

In the lawsuit, the city alleges that the state has no business imposing such a requirement on cities and counties. “We have no business, no duty, to marry those persons they choose to honor with civil marriage,” Stanton said. “We should be free to create a marriage structure of our own. When it comes to civil unions, our system of government has made them a protected class.”

The complaint said the state’s refusal to grant the couples married gay couples’ rights is an unjustified denial

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